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Pipeline API Documentation

Primary Modules

The primary functions for data processing are within the cmind.pipeline module. These are grouped by the type of data processing to which they apply below.

Supporting Modules

globals Global variables, pathnames, version information, etc.
finders Utilities to find various external packages
pipeline.ants_applywarp utility for calling antsApplyTransforms
pipeline.ants_register utility for calling antsRegistration
utils.utils Miscellaneous Utilities
utils.image_utils Image Utilities
utils.file_utils File Handling Utilities
utils.fsf_utils FSL .fsf file creation/modification utilities
utils.logging_utils Logging Utilities
utils.nifti_utils NIFTI Handling Utilities
utils.fsl_mcflirt_opt mcflirt motion correction utility
utils.fsl_mcflirt_opt_ASLBOLD mcflirt motion correction for simultaneous ASL/BOLD data
utils.decorators Function decorators
utils.cmind_HTML_report_gen generate HTML reports

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