Using with Nipype


The Nipype interfaces are still in active development and have not be fully tested. consider this code to be in an alpha state and subject to major revisions going forward.

Nipype interfaces to each function are provided within the cmind.nipype.interfaces sub-package. These interfaces can be used to generate Nipype processing pipelines. The nipype sub-package is not imported by default when import cmind is run. Use import cmind.nipype.interfaces to explicitly import it. The interfaces are named identically to their python function counterparts (e.g. the interface for the function cmind.pipeline.cmind_baselineCBF_preprocess would be cmind.nipype.interfaces.cmind_baselineCBF_preprocess).


The interface code contained in cmind.nipype.interfaces.cmind_interfaces was entirely automatically generated via parsing of the docstrings for all cmind_* pipeline functions via the script cmind.nipype.nipype_generate_interfaces()