2.0 Project Timeline



  • Establish schedule for methods, tools, task and software development; subject recruitment and study, data
  • analysis and final reports in conjunction with COTR
  • Establish Advisory Board and meet (via teleconference) to review project goals and objectives
  • Begin development of or modification of standardized blood-oxygenation-dependent (BOLD) fMRI imaging and arterial spin labeling (ASL) protocols.
  • Begin development of protocols and analytic tools for integrating BOLD and ASL data




  • Continue development of BOLD and ASL methods, tools, software
  • Begin piloting for passive fMRI and brain perfusion ASL acquisition
  • Request Advisory Board review of passive BOLD and perfusion ASL protocol progress
  • Begin fMRI BOLD and ASL analysis software refinement and documentation
  • Begin testing of methods and tools for integrating fMRI BOLD and ASL data
  • Begin development or modification of functional tasks in two developmental domains
  • Complete piloting of brain activation tasks, scanner desensitizing methods, and scanning protocols
  • Finalize sample plan, recruitment, screening, and assessment protocols
  • Complete Protocol and Training Procedures manual for data acquisition
  • Complete training needed to begin recruitment and data acquisition for passive fMRI and ASL



  • Begin subject recruitment and data acquisition for passive fMRI and brain perfusion ASL
  • Complete data analysis plan
  • Request Advisory Board review of progress with passive fMRI and perfusion ASL data acquisition; request review of brain activation tasks for chosen age range and make necessary adjustments
  • Begin recruitment, screening and assessment protocols for brain activation fMRI and ASL Combined data acquisition



  • Complete passive fMRI and brain perfusion ASL studies
  • Continue fMRI and ASL combined data acquisition
  • Finalize all quality control procedures for all data
  • Complete initial data dictionary for database
  • Finalize scan anonymization procedures
  • Complete design of database architecture
  • Begin finalizing and documenting any developmental task software
  • Begin finalizing and documenting fMRI BOLD analysis software and software to integrate fMRI BOLD with ASL
  • Begin development of methods for analyzing and interpreting ASL data
  • Begin development of methods and tools for integrating, analyzing and interpreting ASL and BOLD data
  • Request review of project progress by Advisory Board
  • Continue data acquisition
  • Continue refining all software and documentation
  • Finalize database documentation and data dictionary
  • Begin writing scientific manuscripts for publication of initial project results



  • Complete data acquisition within first 4 months
  • Complete data dictionary and all project documentation
  • Complete refinement of all software and its documentation for the project, making it easily available to scientific community
  • Continue writing scientific manuscripts for publication of project results