First Release Database Available

Users can access the current public release database for C-MIND by following this link. Users can sign up for access after agreeing to the terms of the data use agreement. Users can authenticate using either their NIH eRA Commons credentials or be issued a local account for the database.

During this period of database development and maintenance we encourage early users to provide us with feedback about the data, the usability of the web interface as well as any comments you may have by sending us an email at



Release notes for the current release (2014-10-17):

  • imaging data on a total of 206 subjects is being made available, along with extensive basic demographic and neuropsychological information.
  • the images are availble for download as a compressed (zip) file. Data can be processed with a local instance of the C-MIND NiPype pipelines if you download and install these locally.
  • An interface to a LONI pipeline workflow as a study module will soon be available through the Laboratory Of NeuroImaging at the Institute for NeuroImaging at USC.

Documentation for this release is available on this website at Online Manual

Please stay tuned to this web site for future updates.