fMRI Task Files


Both fMRI tasks for the C-MIND project involve alternating blocks of stimuli 64 seconds in duration. Each task begins with a “baseline” block followed by a “stimulated” block. A total of 5 cycles through the two conditions results in a total scan time of 10 minutes 40 seconds.


The Story Processing Task involves passive listening to natural speech stories during the “stimulated” condition. The baseline condition is a non-speech broadband noise sweep with center frequencies ranging from 200-4000Hz . The duration of the sweep across this frequency range varies from 0.5-2.0 Hz. This baseline was designed be similar to the frequency range of speech but very non-speechlike because it avoids the rapid temporal transitions involved in speech.


In the Sentence-Picture matching Task, the “stimulated” condition involves auditory presentation of a simple active or passive sentence simultaneously with visual presentation of a picture. The “baseline” condition involves single nouns also presented auditorily, repeated four times so that the noun stimuli are similar in duration to sentence stimuli. In both conditions, the participant’s task is to make a button-press response indicating if the auditory stimulus accurately describes the picture. Each block includes 15 trials (4250 ms each), and these blocks are counterbalanced for yes/no responses, and sentence type.

Image Examples

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