1. Project Overview

Acknowledgment of C-MIND in publications:

Use of the CMIND data for scientific publications, presentations and grant applications should include the following citation:

Data presented in this work was obtained from the database known as Cincinnati MR Imaging of NeuroDevelopment (C-MIND), provided by the Pediatric Functional Neuroimaging Research Network at https://research.cchmc.org/c-mind.  This Network and the resulting C-MIND database was supported by contract from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (HHSN275200900018C). 


Background Information:


The primary objectives of this project were to develop standardized BOLD fMRI and ASL protocols for use with typically developing children, and recruit and assess children between the ages of infancy and 18-years-old for brain perfusion using ASL and passive fMRI. In addition, typically developing children in the age range 0-3 years (n=40) and 7-9 years (n=30) were assessed longitudinally using imaging and behavioral measures including concurrent ASL/BOLD fMRI during language stimulation. None of the children were sedated or given medication to reduce movement while being scanned. To meet these goals, the Pediatric Functional Neuroimaging Research Network developed standardized method of investigating brain perfusion rates and brain-behavior development and now provide the scientific community with the protocols, software, and an database of the representative imaging and behavioral data. Imaging protocols, language paradigms, and software for the analysis of the specialized ASL/BOLD data are all provided through this website and are free of charge.  An online manual and variable dictionary are also available here to provide details of all the methods and data stored in the C-MIND database.


The deliverables of the NICHD contract as originally specificed are as follows:



  1. Reports to the Government: Monthly updates on methodology and tool development 
  2. Project Protocol and Training Procedures Manual: A project manual shall include neuroimaging as well as clinical, behavioral, and developmental domain task protocols.
  3. Clinical, Behavioral, and Developmental Task Protocol Training: Standardized protocol  for training and quality control of recording of clinical, behavioral, and developmental domains task data.
  4. Variable DictionaryImaging and clinical/behavioral/task variables included in the database are briefly described. The name of the variable, the concept it operationalizes, from what instrument the variable is derived, the interpretation of the variable including directional interpretations, how the variable is standardized, and the database acronym of the variable and its database format.
  5. Database: The database and complete documentation of the database has been released to the public.
  6. Data Analysis Plan: Data analysis pipelines and descriptions of the major data analyses methods for developmental perfusion rates, brain activation changes over time, and for relating these to clinical/behavioral development are now in publication stages
  7. Results of Data Analysis/Papers: The Pediatric Functional Neuroimaging Research Network members continue to analyze and publish results from the C-MIND data.


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