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Confocal Imaging Core


The Confocal Imaging Core (CIC) is a shared resource laboratory serving the Cincinnati Children’s research communities by providing a central location for confocal microscope instrumentation, training and education. We offer a number of services for researchers at CCHMC.

Research Cores

The mission of the Confocal Imaging Core is to provide cost-effective access to high-end microscope imaging devices and the expertise to utilize these machines.

Services provided include single-photon and multi-photon laser scanning confocal imaging. In addition, we provide access to wide-field deconvolution microscopes. We also maintain image analysis workstations for core users.

Director: Matthew Kofron, PhD
Phone: 513.803.9055

Request Training

To request training on an instrument, please fill out the online Confocal Training Request Form.

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What’s New

  • We have two new laser scanning confocal microscopes and a new room that houses them.

General Information

Office TCHRF 3442

Microscope rooms:

  • Fly core Apotome:  TCHRF 3422
  • S-Apotome: S3.309
  • LSM510: TCHRF 3007A, TCHRF 3486
  • Nikon A1R si STORM single photon/FLIM-FCS: TCHRF 3024
  • Nikon A1R MP/FLIM: TCHRF 3024
  • Image analysis workstations: TCHRF 3020
  • Microscope hours: 24/7 for trained users.

Analysis Workstations

Location-TCHRF 3020

  • Imaging workstation #1 (Zeiss LSM, ZEN, Axiovision, ImageJ).
  • Imaging workstation #2 (Zeiss Axiovision, NIS elements, ImageJ, Photoshop Elements)
  • Imaging workstation #3 (Zeiss Axiovision, Imaris F1, NIS elements, ImageJ, Photoshop Elements)
  • Imaging workstation #4 (Imaris full, ImageJ, Photoshop Elements)

Rates: No charge

Contact Us

General information, help and training:

(513) 803-9055