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Keep reading...this page will present to you basic theory and techniques of confocal microscopy. Don't worry, it's easy, and fun! Just relax, and remember, the core staff is here to help you with any questions you might have!

What is a Confocal Microscope?

A confocal microscope is a device that utilizes a pinhole aperture to block incoming light of certain angles. This light-limiting system allows imaging of specimens that are thicker than the focal plane of the objective by restricting the out-of-focus light that comes from above and below the focal plane.

By only imaging the light in a particular focal plane (optical sectioning), a researcher can create a 3-dimensional reconstruction of a specimen. This has become a very powerful tool in modern life science.

Anatomy of a Confocal Microscope

There are a few terms that need addressing before we dig to deep into the technical world of microscopy.

Training Videos

These videos will provide a basic foundation for image acquisition in NIS-Elements.

Familiarization with NIS-Elements and Basic Image Acquisition

Image Optimization: Gains, Laser Powers, and Noise

Large Image Acquisition

Z-Stack Acquisition

Resonant Scanner and High-Speed Imaging

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