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The Confocal Imaging Core at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center currently has the following microscope systems in operation. Click on each system for more information.

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopes

Nikon A1 Inverted Microscope

Nikon A1Rsi Inverted Microscope

Nikon A1R GaAsP Inverted Microscope w/HD

Nikon A1 GaAsP Inverted Microscope

Nikon A1R LUN-V Inverted Microscope w/HD, TIRF, and STORM

Nikon A1R LUN-V Inverted Microscope w/CODIM

Nikon A1R GaAsP NDD Multiphoton Upright Microscope w/HD

Widefield and Deconvolution Microscopes

Nikon Ti-E SpectraX Inverted Microscope

Nikon Ti-2 SpectraX Inverted Microscope

Nikon 90i Upright Widefield Microscope

Nikon Ni-E Upright Widefield Microscope

Carl Zeiss Apotome (Fly Core)

Carl Zeiss Apotome (S-Building)

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