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Annual Meeting

About the Conference

Cytometry applications are some of the fastest growing techniques used in basic research today. Flow cytometry, imaging cytometry, and microscopy are the foundation of most cytometry applications. However, the theories and applications that are utilized in this field can be complex and rapidly changing. This conference aims to educate the scientific community on cytometric theories, principles, applications, standards, and developing technologies that are crucial for  high quality experiments necessary for competitive researchers. 

This conference has been held as an annual event since 2011.  Over the first two years we have hosted several featured guest speakers such as: Garry Nolan, Paul Robinson, Bill Telford, and Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz.  Selected presentations have highlighted single cell analysis, dendritic cell analysis, DNA damage, and approaches to data analysis. It is our goal to make each conference focused on applications that apply to mutli-disciplinary research backgrounds and bring together researchers alike that utilize cytometry in their respective fields of study.
Registration for this event is free but required to participate in this event. Graduate students, postdoctoral's, and fellows are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration for travel awards to the top poster presenters at the closing of the days events. Registration can be completed here. Poster abstract can also be submitted at a later time but are due no later than September 11, 2013.