Core Mission:

To facilitate the study of epigenetic regulation mechanisms underlying normal development and disease pathogenesis.


Pyrosequencing involves two major steps: The PCR reaction and the Pyrosequencing reaction. Depending on the specifications of each researcher, we will provide the Pyrosequencing reaction with or without PCR setup. For the Pyrosequencing reaction, typical run time includes ~60 minutes assay preparation and ~60 minutes sequence analysis application. This routinely provides between 30 to 50 bases of sequence information per sample.

Details about Our Machine:
PyroMark Q96 MD
1–96 samples
Running volume
12 µl
PCR requirements
5–10 µl
(0.5-1.5 pmol of product)
Read lengths
SNP             ~10 – 100 bp
AQ               ~10 – 100 bp
CpG             ~10 – 140 bp
Main applications
Genetic testing
2% mutation
98% wt