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This site contains information about the Genomic Discovery and Translation Seminar series at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation.

About the Genomic Discovery and Translation Seminar series 

The Division of Human Genetics is proud to present the Genomic Discovery and Translation Seminar series.  (formally, the Quantitative Genomics Seminar series) The purpose of this seminar is to increase the knowledge and discussion about the current analytic and quantitative approaches to understanding simple and complex traits in human and model organisms and the clinical impact of genomic discovery.  This seminar series includes a diverse range of topics including quantitative genomics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, epidemiology, systems and developmental biology, and their application to clinical questions.
We meet at noon on the 4th Friday of each month.

Upcoming seminars

  Date Speaker Location Title
  06/23/17 Dr. John Hogenesch, CCHMC R3381  
  05/26/17 Dr. Michael Snyder,  Stanford S1.203 "Using Omics and Big Data to Manage Health and Disease"

More information about "Genomic Analysts at CCHMC" can be found here.
Previous Speakers

Date Speaker Title
04/28/17 Dr. Beth Kozel, NIH "Deletion size and genomic second hits as modifiers of disease in Williams-Beuren syndrome”
03/24/17 Dr. Manoj Pandey, CCHMC "Looking for new ways to treat lysosomal storage diseases:  The role of complement activation in disease pathogenesis”
02/24/17 Dr. Ying Sun, CCHMC "New pathways to treatment of genetic brain disorders: a focus on Gaucher disease"
01/27/17 Dr. Rolf Stottmann, CCHMC "Gene Discovery in Mammalian Congenital Malformations of the Brain and Face"
10/28/16 Dr. Artem Barski, CCHMC  “Chromatin Regulation of the Genome”
09/23/16 Dr. Scott Langevin, UC "Exosomal microRNA as Biomarkers of Head and Neck Cancer"
08/26/16 Dr. Stephan Zuchner, Univ of Miami FL “Current trends in genomics - a community based, big data perspective"
06/24/16 Dr. Yueh-Chiang Hu, PhD “CRISPR/Cas technology and its applications in biomedical research”
05/27/16 Dr. Ardythe Morrow, CCHMC "The metagenome of preterm infants: Insights into NEC and sepsis"
04/22/16 Dr. Peng Jim, Emory "Dynamic DNA Modifications in Brain and Diseases"
03/25/16 Dr. Cynthia Morton, Harvard "Chromosomal Structural Rearrangements Require Nucleotide Level Precision for Clinical Interpretation"
03/04/16 Dr. Michael Ombrello "Integrated genomic investigations of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis "
02/26/16 Drs. Kejian Zhang & Alex Valencia, CCHMC "Whole exome sequencing: Experiences from a CCHMC Clinical Lab”
10/23/15 Dr. Mario Medvedovic, UC "Discovering disease drivers and candidate therapeutic agents with LINCS perturbation signatures"
09/25/15 Dr. Danielle Reed, Monell Chemical Senses Center "Bittersweet human genetics"
08/28/15 Ken Kaufman, Cindy Prows & Kristen Sund, CCHMC "Facilitating Genomic Discovery and Collaboration through Whole Exome Sequencing"
06/26/15 Dr. Andrew Dauber, CCHMC "Exome Analysis for Novel Gene Discovery: A Case-Based Seminar”
05/29/15 Drs. John Harley & Peter White CCHMC  “Center for Pediatric Genomics at Cincinnati Children's”
04/24/15 Dr. Lisa Martin, CCHMC "The Genetics of BAV and HLHS: Lessons Learned from Family Based Studies”
03/27/15 Dr. Nathan Salomonis, CCHMC "Bulk and Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis Simplified in AltAnalyze"
02/27/15 Dr. Cecilia Lo, Univ. of Pittsburgh "Systems genetic approach for interrogating the genetic landscape of congenital heart disease”
02/19/15 Dr. Marc Williams, Geisinger "Realizing a Lifetime of Genomically Informed Care"
01/23/15 Dr. Brian Brooks, NIH “Albinism: Can It Become a Treatable Disease?”
10/31/14 Various Analyst, CCHMC Bridging the Gap Part II: CCHMC Genomic Analysts Explain How to Get You from Data to Results”
09/26/14 Various Analyst, CCHMC Bridging the Gap: CCHMC Genomic Analysts Explain How to Get You from Data to Results”
08/22/14 Dr. James Cheverud, Loyola Univ. of Chicago  “Maternal Genetic and Genomic Imprinting Effects on Offspring Growth, Obesity, and Diabetes”
06/27/14 Dr. Mary Carrington, NIH “Multiple characteristics of HLA class I loci impact human disease"
04/25/14 Dr. Joshua Gross, Univ. of Cincinnati “The genomic consequences of subterranean adaptation”
03/28/14 Dr. Elizabeth Leslie, Univ. of Pittsburg “Pursuing etiologic variants for cleft lip and palate: lessons from GWAS and next-gen sequencing”
02/28/14 Dr. Mihaela Pavlicev, CCHMC “The role of endogenous retrovirus in evolution of human pregnancy”
01/24/14 Dr. Matthew Weirauch, CCHMC “Differential transcription factor binding in human disease"
10/25/13 Dr. David Segal, Univ. of CA, Davis “Engineered hiPSCs as the future of genomics research”
09/26/13 Dr. Zubair Ahmed, CCHMC “Usher syndrome: Genetics and Molecular Mechanisms ”
09/06/13 Dr. Douglas C. Wallace, CHOP "A Mitochondrial Etiology of Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases, Cancer, and Aging”
08/23/13 Phil Dexheimer, CCHMC  “Inside the Black Box: Analysis Methods for High-throughput Sequencing”
06/28/13 Dr. Patrick Gaffney, OK Medical Research Foundation “Genetic and Functional Analyses of TNFAIP3 in Human SLE ”
04/26/13 Dr. Kristine Crews, St Jude Research “Putting Pharmacogenomics into  Practice:  Successful Implementation in Pediatrics”
03/29/13 Dr. Joseph Sherrill, CCHMC "The role of desmoglein- 1 in epithelial barrier dysfunction in eosinophilic esophagitis"
02/22/13 Dr. Victor Zhang, Baylor Genetics “Transition to Next Generation Analysis of the Mitochondrial disorders”
01/25/13 Dr. Lisa Martin, CCHMC “Finding Genetic Variants for Complex Traits in Families: 
Reasons for Limited Success and an Alternative Method”
10/26/12 Dr. Alexey Porollo,  University of Cincinnati "Advancements in the Pneumocystis cultivation and improvement of a biocatalyst activity using bioinformatics approaches "  
09/28/12 Dr. Louis Muglia, CCHMC "The Genomics of Birth Timing"   
08/31/12 Dr. Patrick Jay, Washington University "Solving Congenital Heart Disease"
06/22/12 Dr. Kakajan Komurov, CCHMC "Computational analyeses of genome-wide molecular networks in cancer
05/25/12 Dr. Lisa Martin, CCHMC "Obesity in the 21st Century:  A Complex Interplay of Genes and Environment"
04/27/12 Dr. Dena Davis, Lehigh University "Opportunistic/Multiplex Testing as a Threat to Autonomy and Informed Consent"
03/30/12 Dr. Ken Kaufman, CCHMC "Utilizing Next Generation DNA Sequencing to Understand Complex Diseases"
02/24/12 Dr. Hong Ji, CCHMC "Epigenetic plasticity in normal development and disease"
01/27/12 Dr. Artem Barski, CCHMC "Exploring the T cell Epigenome: Gene Poising and T cell memory"
10/28/11 Dr. Yun Li, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "Design and Analysis of Sequencing-Based Studies for Complex Human Traits" 
09/23/11 Dr. Mehdi Keddache, CCHMC
"Raising the standard in bioinformatic analysis of next gen sequencing data: mRNA-seq and ChIP-seq pipelines for the core facility".
08/26/11 Dr. Zhongming Zhao, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine "Pathway-and Network-based Analysis of Genomie-wide Association Studies and RNA Sequencing Data"
06/24/11 Dr. Terry St. Elton, Ohio State University "Down Syndrome and miRNAs"
05/27/11 Dr. Howard L. McLeod
UNC Institute for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy
Using the Genome to Guide Therapy
04/22/11 Dr. Gurjit (Neeru) K. Khurana Hershey, CCHMC  "Genetics of Asthma:  New Approaches, New Targets"
03/25/11 Dr. Shuk-mei Ho, University of Cincinnati Environment Epigenetics and Disease Susceptibility

Dr. Malak Kotb, University of Cincinnati

Systems Approaches to Understanding Mechanisms of Diseases and Unraveling Potential Drug Targets

Dr. David Flockhart

Indiana University School of Medicine

Clinical Utility for Pharmacogenomics: Barriers and Opportunities
10/22/10 Dr. Jessica Woo
Epigenetics in Childhood Obesity
08/27/10 Dr. John Harley
 The Complex Genetic Architecture of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Dr. Tesfaye Mersha


Why should we care about ancestry in disease genetics study?

Dr. Ge Zhang
University of Cincinnati

Genome Wide Association Analysis of Metabolic Syndrome and Related Quantitative Traits in a Croatian Island Population


04/23/10  Dr. Michael Olivier
Medicial College of Wisconsin 
Integrated Genomic and Proteomic Analysis of Dyslipidemia in Human Obesity

Dr. Jeffrey Towbin


Genetics & mechanisms of Cardiomyopathies
01/22/10 Dr. Robert T. Williams
University of Tennessee Health Science Center 
Systems Genetics of Gene Transcription and Disease Susceptibility: What Genetic Reference Populations and Online Databases Can Do For Your Research Program

Dr. Marsha Wills-Karp


Genetics of Asthma
09/25/09 Dr. Anthony G. Comuzzie Sequence Enrichment using Droplet-based Microfluidics
8/28/2009 Mehdi Keddache, M.S., CCHMC The Issue of Population Stratification When Using Out of Study
Controls in GWAS
6/26/2009 Jeff Fitzgerald
RainDance Technologies
Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Metabolic Disease: Insights from Humans and Baboons
5/22/2009 Dr. Marc Rothenburg
Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Eosinophilic Esophagitis
3/27/2009 Dr. Woody Benson
Quantitative Genetics: BAV and HLHS 
2/27/2009 Dr. Alexander A. Vinks
Pharmacogenetics and the Tailoring of Pediatric Therapies 
1/23/2009 Dr. Lisa J. Martin
So, you want to do genome wide association? Analytic issues you should be aware of. 
10/24/2008 Dr. Hemant K. Tiwari
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Accurate and Flexible Power Calculations on the Spot:  Applications to Genomic Research
9/26/2008 Dr. Stephanie Ware
Genomic Approaches to Cardiac Disease in Children
8/22/2008 Mehdi Keddache
Next Generation Sequencing Applications on the Illumina Genome Analyzer II -- Research with 5 million read experiments
6/27/2008 Dr. Carl Langefeld
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Genome-wide Association Study in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus:  The International Consortium on the Genetics of SLE (SLEGEN)
5/23/2008 Dr. Veronica Vieland
Nationwide Children's Hospital and Ohio State University
 And Now For Something Completely Different:  How Philosophy of Measurement Can Help Us Find Genes for Autism
4/25/2008 Dr. Karl Broman
University of Wisconsin
Mapping multiple QTL in experimental crosses
3/28/2008 Dr. Michael Wagner
Making Sense Out of Protein Mass Spectrometry Data -- the Computational Way
2/22/2008 Dr. Yaron Tomer
Applying the New Genomic Tools to Dissect the Genetics of Thyroid Autoimmunity
1/25/2008 Dr. Randy Seeley
How obesity went to our heads

More information

For more information about the seminar series or suggestions for future speakers, contact Lisa Martin.