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Research Summary

The children of women who have diabetes while pregnant have higher chances of being overweight and having insulin resistance, diabetes, and kidney and heart problems. It is still unknown how a mother’s diabetes control at different times during her pregnancy may affect the chances of her children having these health problems as adults. The TEAM study wants to learn more about this to try to figure out ways to help mothers watch their health while pregnant to make sure their babies are healthy and stay healthy as children and adults.

Because everyone eligible for the TEAM Study is the child of a woman who participated in the Diabetes in Pregnancy study between 1978 and 1995, this is a unique opportunity to look at a mother’s health information during pregnancy and match it to her adult child’s current health. This allows the study researchers to look for possible links between a mother’s health during pregnancy and the health of her child now as an adult.

To be eligible for this study, an individual must be the child of a woman who participated in the Diabetes in Pregnancy study.

People Overview

The TEAM study includes a diverse set of researchers, doctors, and support staff. To learn more about our team, please see "The Team" page

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