Eligibility Requirements for the TEAM Study

To be eligible for this study, an individual must be the child of a woman who participated in the Diabetes in Pregnancy study. For more information on the Diabetes in Pregnancy study, please see the "About Us" page.  

Our goal is to enroll and complete a study visit with at least 250 people eligible for the study. If you believe you are eligible for the TEAM study & would like to participate, please see below for more information regarding the study visit. 

Study Visit Information

Thank you for your interest in the TEAM study! The study involves one in-person visit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center that takes up to 8 hours.

The study visit involves:

  • Questionnaires about personal health, diet & family history
  • Height, weight, waist & blood pressure measurements
  • Fasting blood draws
  • Urine samples
  • Critical thinking tests
  • A body composition scan
  • Heart functioning tests to look at how blood flows through the body and the flexibility of the arteries

Additionally, after the study visit we would like to complete two “diet recall” phone calls about what you ate the day before and an online questionnaire about what types of foods eaten a month after the visit. 

To thank you for your time, you will receive:

  • $300 for completing the in-person visit
  • An additional $25 for a first morning urine sample
  • $50 after completing 2 diet recalls over the phone
  • $25 after completing the online food questionnaire after the visit

Please let us know if you have any questions about the study or are interested in scheduling a visit. Our phone number is 513-517-1045 and email Our contact information can also be found on the “Contact Us” page of this website.