Cell Processing Core

Human cell products for your research

The Cell Processing Core offers a variety of human hematopoietic cells or other products to investigators for their research programs. The Core can provide specific cell populations such as total nucleated cells, low density mononuclear cells or CD34+ cells from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood or G-CSF mobilized peripheral blood through a Normal Donor Repository. Other enriched cell populations may be available via special request. The Core can also provide unprocessed samples, plasma or serum.

Investigators may submit a request for products using the Cores Ordering System.  The laboratory will either provide cryopreserved products available in our biorepository or arrange for collection and preparation of samples through The Clinical Translational Research Center as required. A current IRB approval should be provided with the request form, although investigators receiving samples without any identifying information may be able to receive samples without their own IRB protocol.

Costs for services are billed to the respective account or charged to the PO or Credit Card through the Cores Billing System. Services provided to CCHMC investigators who are part of the Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology are subsidized. For services provided to investigators at outside institutions, fees include standard overhead charges.

Contact us for more information or login to the Cores Ordering System to initiate your order.