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  Mersha Lab @CCHMC


Web Applications / Online Tools:

  1. Bullet PAMAM : Power Analysis in Multi-ancestry Admixture Mapping.

  1. Bullet MI-MAAP : Marker Informativeness for Multi-Ancestry Admixed Populations.

  1. Bullet cFAS : Omics-based Composite Functional Annotation for Genome-wide Studies. (Download cFAS)

  1. Bullet AdmixPower:A simple and fast sample size and power estimation algorithm for mapping genetic loci in admixed populations.

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  1. Bullet AncestrySNPminer: A web-based bioinformatics tool that retrieves Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) from public databases and links these informative markers to genes and ontological annotation classes.

  1. Bullet GENEASE: A Multi-Omic and Phenotype Ontology Integration and Analysis Tool.

  1. Bullet SAGE: Shared Ancestry and Genetic Etiology Miner.

  1. Bullet AllergyGenDB: Comprehensive Genetic, Pathway and Network Database for Allergy.


Tesfaye B. Mersha, PhD

Associate Professor
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics
University of Cincinnati
3333 Burnet Avenue, MLC 7037
Cincinnati,OH 45229-3026

Phone: 513-803-2766
Fax: 513-636-1657

E-mail: tesfaye.mersha@cchmc.org