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Pulmonary Biology Gene Expression Database (PBGE) is a relational database contains multiple microarray experiments collected from different investigators in Pulmonary Biology (schema). All data deposited in this database so far were processed through CCHMC Affymetrix Core and analyzed via the Pulmonary Biology Microarray Core. PBGE aims to provide a comprehensive database for Division of Pulmonary Biology to store, manage and maximally utilize gene expression profile data. One can easily retrieve; filter and cross compare microarray experimental data and their associated gene annotation. This will facilitate the identification of common target genes as well as unique genetic modifiers that play important roles in lung development, morphogenesis, injury and repair; study the gene expression networks and their regulation and insight into the molecular mechanisms underlying various lung diseases and phenotypes.

The current release of the PBGE provides web-based tools to access and visualize the data stored within our database. These tools can display expression information about specific genes; cross-compare multiple experiments in multiple chip formats; filter for tissue/cell specific expressions; retrieve promoter sequences for a list of gene selected from microarray analysis and statistical analysis of functional categories.


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PBGE Summary

Chip Version: 2 for Human, 5 for Mouse
Experiment: 84
Differental Expression Records: 135,585
Expression Records: 20,535,538
Selected Gene Records: 27,849
User Number: 34




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