E18.5 C57Bl6 NKX2.1, KI67, and ACTA2 Confocal Imaging

Immunofluorescence-NKX2.1, Ki-67 and ACTA2


Purpose:  Immunofluorescence on slides of 7µm frozen sections of C57BL/6J E18.5 lungs for NKX2.1, Ki-67 and ACTA2 with antigen retrieval.

Day 1

  1. For Frozen tissue, rinse 2X in PBS, then 5 min in 4% PFA/PBS, then rinse 1X in PBS.
  2. Briefly equilibrate slides in Antigen Retrieval Buffer.
  3. Antigen retrieval, pH 6.0 (times will vary according to microwave).
  4. 10 mM sodi